Alpaca breeding, boarding horses and educational farm | Paradis de la Charnie
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Welcome to Paradise Alpacas, our little camelids from South America. A love at first sight followed by a long history is the result of this wonderful project: an alpaca farm. Since spring 2015, we raise our own alpacas and let the public discover this wonderful educational farm, the paradise of the Charnie.

All animals on our farm are microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. We are very attentive to their well-being.

They graze a large part of the year and in the winter they go out in fenced parks specifically for them and consume hay from our farm.

Our domain is classified as “organic”. We produce manure necessary for the biological fertilization of the soil.

All our alpacas are registered at LAREU. Our alpacas are Huacayas of different colors.