Pension - Alpaga - Le paradis de la Charnie
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pension def

Haven of peace on the edge of the forest of Petite Charnie, we welcome your horse or pony board for his retirement, recovery or vacation.
The newly created facilities allow owners and their horses to enjoy an exceptional setting and a quality structure.


  • Pension in the meadow with shelter

  • 180/mo
  • Only from May to November

    Your horse is in a meadow with shelter with others
    horses according to affinities. IT is supplemented with hay
    if necessary

  • Pension box / meadow with shelter

  • 350/mo
  • Your horse is housed in a mulched box (checked daily) and it is out every day either in the meadow with shelter with other horses according to affinities, on the way or at liberty on the quarry. The pension includes 2 meals of flakes a day and hay at will.

  • Step board, overnight in box

  • 25/mo
  • * per night, decreasing price from 3 days

    You want to spend a weekend or more in the countryside with your horse (we are located 35km from the Jump Boulery). The exit of the horse is your responsibility.

Rates are inclusive of VAT * and include the provision of facilities, daily monitoring of the horse and basic care (maintenance of hooves, management of blankets, protections, anti-fly cap ..)


  • Chips in the box: 50 € / month
  • Extra flake meal: 2 €

Our marshal can assure the maintenance of the horseshoes of your horse.

If necessary, the clinic of Grand Renaud located in Le Mans will be able to intervene.

The owner is responsible for the costs of vaccination, farriery and deworming.

We contact you regularly with photos, videos, emails to give you news of your horse.

* 5.5% VAT (use of facilities) and 20% (service delivery)


– Click on the points below to discover our infrastructures –


Quiet, vast hilly meadows (undergoing organic conversion) and always green.

Permanent monitoring of animals

The attention they are given makes this place an ideal place for your companion.